You cannot paste images directly. Maybe it works fine with the batteries Milwaukee is testing it with, but not with yours. I'm not saying they came from different plants. I'm usually not one to stir up negativity about a particular brand, and I certainly know that all manufacturers have their issues but sometimes with Milwaukee I wonder if these types of problems are the price for how fast they bring new products to market.. just not sufficient time to work all the bugs out.. We bought one at work around the same time and I have used and abused it and have had zero problems with it. I tested the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw 2731-21 through stacked OSB and pressure treated 2 x 10 lumber. Battery promos are so common that you can tell the 199USD/249CAD pricing on single 9.0s is just raking people over the coals. Milwaukee Circular Saws . I can't just make a few cuts then let the saw cool down then make a few more. My drill has done kinda the same thing where the rpm drops real slow and it feels like it starts impacting like an impact driver. Yep. Circular Saw (Tool-Only) w/ 16T Carbide-Tipped Metal Saw Blade. Hi, Ive had 5 of these saws now and keep getting this same fault as in the video. Ironically, the fact that a saw i… The top three saws in this category are easily the DEWALT, Makita, and Milwaukee. View and Download Milwaukee HEAVY-DUTY CIRCULAR SAW operator's manual online. I know, really frustrating as sometimes it works and others it doesn't. well probably not legal, but if it is fact they are giving out less quality tools in promo's compared to stand alone tools ( I can't see it) how legal is that...this is all based on that being true of course. Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw in Use. April 3, 2015 in Milwaukee. if you think they are doing that you a cheaper version with  promo deal, that is down right ripping people off yet they do it in such away it isn't obvious, just go buy the kit promo, and also the stand alone saw, different time/receipt replace the kit saw in the stand alone box return it keep the stand alone saw now you have a kit promo but with a stand alone saw same money...... Is this legal and couldn't they check serial numbers?   Your previous content has been restored. Out of curiosity, was this one of the Rapid charger / 2731 / HD9.0 special deals? Milwaukee is a business in business to make money. industry standard terminology is, you may have a worm drive saw (that you call a circular saw - the blade is still circular), or a circular saw with a gear reduction built in that isn't a worm-drive - in either case you could have broken gears if there is a reduction gear step in the drive train. Period. I have quite a few of their tools and really rate them. I love the idea of this saw with the full size blade and how lightweight it is. Mine is acting just like your saw is. Battery Platform: Milwaukee M18. By Daniel Julian, April 14, 2017 in Milwaukee. So I would say that the rep is giving you a load of bullshit. Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw: User reviews . View and Download Milwaukee 18 VOLT CIRCULAR SAW operator's manual online. HEAVY-DUTY CIRCULAR SAW saw pdf manual download. Always FAST plus FREE SHIPPING over $99 ... Milwaukee Circular Saws. Yes they have taken all 5 saws I've had the problem with, they have sent them to Germany and the states and also here in the UK to try celeband figure out the problem. Popular Milwaukee Circular Saw Parts $ 2.99. Everyone uses a 7.25" Skilsaw circular saw. Refer to the manual for installation instructions and a list of the parts included. Not in the USA.   Your previous content has been restored. that is the thing about all this new stuff, don't get me wrong I like my Milwaukee tools but part of me also likes the fact the old stuff could be broke open and it was one of three things wrong wire, brush or gear now a cold solder joint can deem a $300 tool useless and you don't know where to look. Milwaukee... | Answered on Oct 27, 2014 You can post now and register later. I usually have to wait 2-5 min and it will work again, but only for another 1-5 boards. Here's a little video of what is happening... Decapoli Family sotto capo (underboss)